Dynamic IPs – Is inexpensive, with Wider Applications over Static Internet Protocol

Many Hotline Server users did not have a fixed...

Many Hotline Server users did not have a fixed IP address at the time Hotline was developed; Hotline clients users can browse server lists by accessing “trackers”, machines with fixed IPs that keep track of the IPs of online servers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dynamic IPs can change from time to time and it is done by the Internet Service Provider, ISP. Consumers of online business markets will have an option to go for dynamic IPs or static IPs. In case of static IPs, end-user will have to change IP address whenever the request is blocked by the recipient. The end-user will have to ask for a change in IP address to the Internet Service Provider.

Online marketer can take IP changing dynamically by requesting the service provider or disconnecting the service provider connection for every 24 hours. Otherwise, you will have to purchase a dynamic IPs from a proxy server. These are online servers that provide security and safety to the Internet user. The web servers also provide quick change of IP addresses provided they can have a better access with the prospective customers. Another way of changing the IP address on your computer is between your ISP and local DSL or Modem that uses Dynamic Host Control Protocol.

Static IP address can be selected by the user and then the IP address cannot be shared at all and it will have to be used by single user online. There are instances where static address can be kept aside and one dynamic IPs will serve the purpose such as the way it is used in the Internet. Users can very easily download files and upload files over the Dynamic IPs and also send and receive the mails over the mail server. Users can send messages or chat services without any interruption.